Columbia Jones – Americana Musician

  • Professional
  • 100+ covers (Blues, Country, Pop, Folk, Indie, and Classic Rock)
  • Performed in 15 states and 1 Canadian Province
  • Bars, street corners, quiet gardens, weddings, music venues
  • 1-5 hours of music
  • Full PA available
  • Full band, one man band, or solo

Columbia Jones has cut his teeth traveling and playing streets corners, bars and venues in 15 states for years. What makes his solo or full band performances unique is the large swath of covers he plays. Within an hour set, he plays re imagined covers from many generations making sure everyone hears something they know. Just in a way that is a little different. This keeps them the crowd listening and moving throughout the whole night. His ability to provide top notch entertainment is evidenced in his ever growing list of satisfied venues. These include The Reef in Idaho, Piper Down and Gracie’s in Salt Lake City, Cruisers in Colorado, and even Dee’s Country Lounge in Nashville, TN.


“Columbia Jones is an enigma.” begins a news article on this well-traveled country and blues singer and it’s not far off. A small-town boy from Maine growing up, Columbia found himself in Salt Lake City in 2016 band less and poor. But that was when it all began.

He started playing street corners and singing loud blues inspired songs with a bass drum, foot tambourine, guitar and harmonicas. Next, he added 2 members, guitar and bass, and started playing in bars for hours. Hitting the road in the summer of 2017 he clocked over 65 shows in 8 different states and one Canadian province all booked by himself. Included in there was a trip paid for soling by street performing out to the Americana Fest in Nashville, TN. Fresh off that he hit the same cities as he did in the summer to start building an audience.

Columbia Jones is not slowing down booking more and more shows further and further from home. Starting with a 10 day tour to Nashville, TN in 2018, he continues to sing his tunes to more and more people every week. It is only a matter of time before people all around the inter mountain west and beyond start hearing his name more and more.

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