Things are cooking around here!

Hey guys, its Columbia. I wanted to post real quick saying I am super excited for what we have coming up.

Most of you probably already know that being a musician is hard work. I have a small part time job stuffing candy into vending machines (its boring, trust me) but music is a huge way I provide for my wife and 18 month old little boy. Recently however, things have started picking up. We’ve released a few videos (I hope you have had a chance to see them) and those have gotten us into a few new gigs. We are super excited to be able to return to Gracie’s in Salt Lake for a few Thursdays in May and to book another date at Piper Down. These are some of our favorite places to eat, drink, and catch great bands so it is truly an honor.

We also recently changed up our set list and so far the feedback is great! From Boise, to Pocatello, and back to Salt Lake people are shaking their booties (and boots) and it makes us feel great. If you haven’t seen us perform in a few months, you’re missing out.

Excited for our Denver run the end of May. Tell your friends and lets pack The Walnut Room!

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