“Columbia Jones is an enigma.” begins a news article on this well traveled Americana and Blues singer and its not far off. A small town boy from Maine growing up, Columbia found himself in Salt Lake City in 2016 band-less and poor. But that was when it all began.
He started playing street corners and singing loud blues inspired songs with a bass drum, foot tambourine, guitar and harmonicas. There he literally worked a voice that has always been shy into one that can turn heads and open wallets. With every dollar bill and compliment he gained confidence. Once a talented drummer who was content to send emails and keep the beat, he became a real performer. Next he added 2 members, guitar and bass, and started playing in bars for hours. With a growing passion for American music new and old, he transforms covers and adds his own swing to original material. He is equal parts Country, Bluegrass, and Blues which all boils down to an unforgettable show. Hitting the road in the summer of 2017 he clocked over 65 shows in 8 different states and one Canadian province all booked by himself. Included in there was a trip paid for soling by street performing out to the Americana Fest in Nashville, TN. Fresh off that he hit the same cities as he did in the summer to start building an audience.
Columbia Jones is a true blue collar musician with no handouts, no free rides and a work ethic that doesn’t die. Every night you can hear it in his music too. Plagued with mediocrity from the beginning, he has always been a poor dreamer who had to make due with what he had. Add the birth of his first son and he finds himself constantly dealing with balancing his love of music with his love of his family. Its a an act that is not easy in a world constantly becoming harder and harder to live without a 9-5 job. Thus it leaks into every song he writes and his songs are littered with things everyday people deal with day in and day out.

Be sure to come out and see this honest, hardworking musician at a bar, venue, or street corner near you. You won’t find a recluse who stays in nice hotels and plays guitars worth more then your car. Just a man willing to shake your hand and look you in the eye.