Available September 4th

Photo Credit: Mark Ricks

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“Sweat” is a seductive dark-folk ballad about desire.
The song is kept moving by a persistent banjo roll,
while Jones’ lyrics linger on the object of his
affection. In what might be the best display of Jones’
incredible vocal range and power yet, “Sweat”
perfectly captures the excitement and thrill of
meeting someone new you just can’t get enough of.

“Shiver,” however, is the morning after — the lonely reality of life on the road and all the
downsides that come with it. “Shiver” addresses a musician’s addiction to touring; the
unshakeable draw that pulls them to do it time and time again, leaving family and friends in
their rearview.

Together, these two very different songs address the painful complexity of the touring musician.
Meeting new people. Yearning for connection, while also fearing it. Settling down, but having
that itch to get back on the road again. This EP is not only a pleasure for the ear, but a complex
examination of the wants and fears of our road-worn entertainers.